Can I give my snake bottled water?

Tap water is fine, just add reptile dechlorinator. … If your tap water quality is really bad, go with bottled.

What water is safe for snakes?

Filtered or bottled water is best, as municipal water facilities sometimes add chemicals that are detrimental for snakes. Don’t use distilled water, though, because it lacks the minerals that your snake needs to thrive.

Is bottled water safe for reptiles?

The main consideration for reptiles is in providing safe and clean water to your animals. … Be aware that bottled water can be tap water and therefor have chlorine or chloramine in it. Distilled or reverse osmosis water is probably best if chlorine is a concern.

Can I use tap water for my snake?

If your water is safe for you, it’s safe for the snakes. I recommend filling a gallon jug from the tap, leaving it uncapped and then letting it sit for 24 hours prior to use so that the chlorine dissipates. This type of “aged” tap water is perfect for reptile drinking water.

Can snakes drink liquid?

In fact, reptiles can’t digest dairy products and even if they could, it’s unlikely cows would stand idly by whilst being milked. If dehydrated enough, snakes will drink milk, but if thirsty enough they will drink just about anything.

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Do snakes like warm water?

Snakes – Yes, They Like Baths Too

Most people don’t think that pet snakes need to bathe, yet many snakes enjoy soaking in a shallow tub of warm water. If their enclosures are large enough, snakes should be offered an open pan of water in which they can submerge themselves if they choose.

Can Ball Pythons drink distilled water?

It’s not bad at all, it’s just not nessisary unless your normal water is crap. Normal tap water works just fine also. If you feel you need/want to give them distilled, go for it.

Does bottled water have chlorine?

Still water stored in plastic containers appears to allow bacteria levels to grow more quickly than gasified water in glass containers. As well, while bottled water companies perpetuate the idea that bottled water has no chlorine in it, there have been chlorine by-products found in bottled water.

Can reptiles drink distilled water?

While they don’t “drink” water through their skin like amphibians do, a lot of reptiles will absorb some water through their skin to stay hydrated. … The only thing you would avoid using is distilled water, because reptiles rely on some of the minerals found in water, and distilled water removes those minerals.

Do snakes need special water?

Snakes do in fact gain some water sources from their food, especially those who feed on fish, frogs, and other more water-dense animals. That said, most snakes still need to drink water from other sources. Snakes don’t drink any water at all because they don’t need it.

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Do snakes need Reptisafe?

So, I’m curious on people’s thoughts about Reptisafe and other water conditioners that are used for snake water. … If it were just the snakes, I wouldn’t worry about it. You definitely don’t need it if you use bottled, but just make sure the bottled isn’t distilled or RO. They need the minerals.

Is bottled water safe for frogs?

Water. All water that is used with frogs should be de-chlorinated. Bottled water is the best and safest method, but tap water that has been left for 24-48 hours will be safe as the chlorine will evaporate.

Do ball pythons need dechlorinated water?

Re: Tap or Dechlorinated water

Tap water is fine.

What smell do snakes hate?

What scents do snakes dislike? There are many scents snakes don’t like including smoke, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime.

Do snakes take revenge?

Myth: Snakes when hurt would definitely come back to take revenge. Fact: It is scientifically proved that the brain of a snake is not much developed therefore it has absolutely no memory to take revenge. Myth: If a snake bitten person in turn bites the snake, the poison would go away from the body of the victim.

What happens if u kill a snake?

It is said that if you kill a snake, another (its mate) will follow you and take revenge. … In the days of yore, people often buried their wealth and it could be a possibility that a snake and the hidden wealth were unearthed together, giving this impression. Old snakes have hair on them. Hair does not grow on snakes.

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