Can you drink the tap water in Curacao?

Can you drink tap water in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao? The answer is yes. Tap water on these former Dutch Antilles islands is distilled from sea water. It is perfectly safe to drink, meeting the highest quality standards of the World Health Organization.

Are there sharks in Curacao?

Substation Curaçao has a shark-centered deep-dive excursion that is dedicated to spotting local shark species, including big-eyed Cuban dog sharks, sevengill sharks, and green murray sharks.

Is Curacao safe at night?

There is violent crime among members of the illegal drugs world, but this rarely affects tourists. The main tourist areas are generally safe, but you should take normal precautions. Avoid remote areas at night. Don’t take valuables to the beach or leave any valuables in your vehicle.

Can you drink tap water in the Caribbean?

Myth: You shouldn’t drink the water in the Caribbean, you’ll get sick; only drink bottled water. Reality: You can drink the water right from the tap in most Caribbean locations. Myth: Caribbean waters are full of dangerous sharks, so don’t go swimming.

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Are there snakes on Curacao?

Curacao has its fair share of lizards, geckos, iguanas, snakes (none are poisonous), and the red-eared slider turtle. The island also has a few species of toads and frogs.

Is Curacao a poor country?

As a country plagued with such unrest, it should be no wonder that the Curacao poverty rate is over 25 percent. A small island country located in the Caribbean, much of the economy in Curacao is based around tourism and is thus highly sensitive to fluxes in the world market.

Are there crocodiles in Curacao?

There are no crocodiles in the wild in Curacao and there haven’t been any attacks as well.

Which is better Curacao or Aruba?

In terms of tourism, Aruba is more massive than Curacao, where it’s generally quieter. Visiting Curacao is like visiting little Amsterdam or the Netherlands in some sense but way warmer and with a lot less hours in a plane (when traveling from North America).

Is Curacao a party island?

#2: The Island Is One Big Party

Nightlife is one of the best things to do in Curacao, with annual festivals like Carnival and King’s Day among the largest and most fun. Music festivals come to the island frequently, and many of the beaches turn into popular bars and clubs at night with DJ sets and live music.

Is Curacao expensive to visit?

You should plan to spend around ANG478 ($266) per day on your vacation in Curacao, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. … So, a trip to Curacao for two people for one week costs on average ANG6,690 ($3,725).

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Is Aruba water safe to drink?

Drinking Water

There is no need to buy bottled water in Aruba. Aruba’s tap water is pure and refreshing, meeting the highest standards of quality of the World Health Organization.

Is water in St Lucia safe to drink?

Drinking Water & Beverages

The mains water supply in St. Lucia is chlorinated and considered safe to drink, but may taste a little strange if you are not used to the chlorine. Ice served in drinks is usually made from tap water and is also considered safe to drink.

Is it safe to drink water in the Bahamas?

Water — Technically, tap water is drinkable throughout The Bahamas. Still, we almost always opt for bottled. Resorts tend to filter and chlorinate tap water more aggressively than other establishments; elsewhere, bottled water is available at stores and supermarkets, and tastes better than that from a tap.

What is Curacao famous food?

Here’s our guide to the top 10 dishes you can’t miss in Curaçao.

  • Keshi Yena. Keshi yena is widely considered the signature dish of Curaçao. …
  • Bitterballen. A traditional Dutch bar snack, bitterballen are flavorful meatballs. …
  • Oliebollen. …
  • Funchi or Tutu. …
  • Stroopwafels. …
  • Stoba. …
  • Poffertjes. …
  • Seafood.

What is Curacao famous for?

Curacao is famous for its orange-flavored liqueur by the same name. There are many orange-flavored liqueurs out there, but only the ones made in Curacao use the peels of the Laraha orange, which is unique to the island of Curacao.

What do you call a person from Curacao?

Curaçaoan (plural Curaçaoans) Someone from Curaçao.

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