How much do gatorades cost?

Type Size Price
Gatorade 4 x 20 oz. Bottle $3.99
Gatorade 20 oz. Bottle $1.68
Gatorade 32 oz Bottle $1.00

How much does a sports drink cost?

According to the report, the retail price of sports drinks amounted to an average of 9.19 U.S. dollars per case in 2019.

How much do Powerades cost?

Powerade Prices

Type Size Price
Powerade 32 oz. Bottle $1.99
Powerade 4 x 20 oz. Bottle $2.99
Powerade 20 oz. Bottle $1.48

How much does a 24 pack of Gatorade weigh? : Gatorade Beverage Variety Pack (24 Pack/ 20 Fl Ounce Net Wt 480 Fl Ounce ), : Grocery & Gourmet Food.

Where to buy Gatorade in a can?

Gatorade Thirst Quencher Can, Orange, 11.6oz Can, 24/Carton in the Sports Drinks department at

What is the healthiest sports drink?

Based on her findings, only a few sports drinks actually deserve your attention.

  • Propel Flavored Electrolyte Water.
  • Gatorade Original Thirst Quencher.
  • Scivatation Xtend.
  • Gatorade Organic Thirst Quencher.
  • BODYARMOR Fruit Punch.
  • Roar Organic.
  • NOOMA Organic Electrolyte Sports Drink.
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Who owns Gatorade?


Why is Gatorade bad for you?

When consumed often, the sugar content of Gatorade can also contribute to tooth decay, especially in children. For people who are less active, getting extra sugar and sodium throughout the day isn’t necessary or recommended. The extra calories from a sports drink could contribute to weight gain.

Is Powerade better than Gatorade?

Powerade has more vitamins than Gatorade

Neither has any fat or protein. However, Gatorade contains 10 more calories and slightly more sodium than Powerade per serving. On the other hand, Powerade packs more micronutrients, including magnesium, niacin, and vitamins B6 and B12, which play important roles in your body.

How much does a 12 oz bottle of Gatorade cost?

Gatorade Prices

Type Size Price
Gatorade 24 oz. Bottle $1.19
Gatorade 32 oz. Bottle $0.99
Gatorade 64 oz. Bottle $2.12
Gatorade 12 x 12 o.z Bottle $5.99

How much does a 24 pack of water cost?

Nestle Bottled Water 16.9oz Per Bottle, 24 Bottle Case (Brand Varies By Region)

List Price: $17.15
Price: $14.25 ($0.04 / Fl Oz)
You Save: $2.90 (17%)

How much does a 24 pack weigh?

A case of beer in cans will weigh significantly less than a case of beer in bottles. Here are the numbers to compare: Approximate weight of a 24-pack of 12 oz canned beer: 20 lbs. Approximate weight of a 24-pack of 12 oz bottled beer: 36 lbs.

How much does a 16oz bottle of water weigh?

At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, when water is cold enough to freeze, the specific weight of the water is 8.34 pounds per gallon, so 16 ounces of water weighs 1.05 pounds. When the water reaches its 212 F boiling point, its specific weight goes down to 8 pounds per gallon, so the weight of 16 ounces is 1 pound.

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Which Gatorade is the best?

A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Gatorade Flavors

  • 8 Gatorade, Lemon Lime. Gatorade. …
  • 7 G2, Raspberry Lemonade. Gatorade. …
  • 6 Gatorade Flow, Blackberry Wave. Gatorade. …
  • 5 Gatorade, Cool Blue. Gatorade. …
  • 4 G Zero, Glacier Freeze. Gatorade. …
  • 3 Gatorade, Orange. Gatorade. …
  • 2 Gatorade, Lime Cucumber. Gatorade. …
  • 1 Gatorade, Fruit Punch. Gatorade.

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Can Gatorade give you diarrhea?

She said that because Gatorade contains simple sugar as its main ingredient, it can exacerbate diarrhea. “Gatorade is better than something like juice or popsicles, but you just don’t get the electrolyte replenishment you need with Gatorade,” she said.

What drinks does Costco sell?

Get what you love from Costco — delivered to you.

  • Drink Mixes.
  • Energy Drinks.
  • Juice.
  • Soda & Soft Drinks.
  • Coffee.
  • Tea.
  • Refrigerated.
  • Water.
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