Advantages of circumcision: What are the Disadvantages?

The procedure of circumcision is one of many medical procedures that should always be performed on infants. Many parents circumlate their baby boy at four years of age. However, what many parents do not realize is the disadvantages of circumcision. While there are some risks involved in circumcision, the benefits of performing the first ritual bath for a newborn boy outweigh any possible dangers.

Circulation: The male sexual organs are sensitive. Before and after the procedure, it is important to wash the foreskin of any skin debris or excess skin that may have made its way into the urethra from the diaper changing. This will help prevent infection. After surgery, the flaccid penis will not return to its original condition. It will, however, be in a very comfortable and healthy position.

Sexual Pleasure – Most health professionals believe that male kids will get more sexual pleasure by having their foreskin repaired than from having their penis removed. One reason is that there will be more friction and more sensation. Circumcision allows for greater friction. One woman claimed that she felt a new level in sexual pleasure immediately after the procedure. And another woman said that her husband had difficulty achieving an erection when he had his foreskin surgically removed. She said she appreciated the fact that it didn’t interfere with his ability to have an erection.

HIV/AIDS Prevention: Some parents believe that preventing HIV/AIDS from reaching their baby is better than having it done later. The new findings regarding infant HIV do not negate this argument. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Older women were not at a higher risk of acquiring HIV if they had their babies circumcised. It may not be beneficial in preventing HIV infection during pregnancy, or breast-feeding. Researchers now believe that HIV-infected men can pass the virus to their partner if they are not circumcised.

Elimination of any aitable risk: Although we are more focused on the positive aspects of male circumcisions, we also find many drawbacks. Male circumcision has its disadvantages. They can cause irritations and itching, bleeding, painful urination, and even injury to the penis. However, the advantages of this procedure far outweigh these disadvantages. One of the notable advantages I discovered while doing my research online was this comment by a medical writer: “The greatest advantages of male masturbation is health improvements, reduced premature ejaculation, elimination of painful intercourse and enhancements of sexual desire.”

Apart from these benefits, the procedure is much less painful than traditional ones. This means that there are fewer genital warts left for boys. Another advantage is that infections can be treated in a single visit to the doctor. Even though genital warts can still cause problems for boys, especially virginal boys, the chances of getting infected are much lower than the risks associated with other procedures. In the past, girls suffering from genital warts couldn’t have routine examinations or treatment as the procedure would leave scarring on her vagina. However, now that the procedure has been modified to make it less uncomfortable for the girl, she is now able to undergo treatment.

One of the disadvantages of the procedure is that there is an increased chance of acquiring an STD. This is due to the fact that the procedure is less successful in cases where the foreskin has been too damaged. There is a decreased risk of developing HIV infection, as well as a decreased chance of developing cervical carcinoma. HPV infection is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer in women. These two diseases, when left untreated, can lead to serious ailments like cervical cancer.

Although circumcision has many advantages, it still has its drawbacks. In some cases, the procedure may not work if the foreskin does not get affected. It also has its limitations. But given that it lowers the chances of getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases, it really comes with a huge advantage. Given that you are the parent to a male infant who is suffering from male genital warts, you should make your choice carefully.